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Jason (aka Jason Q Mark) hails from Westminster, London, currently based in Covent Garden and is a self-confessed “Old skool West man at heart”.


His earliest musical memory is watching Top of The Pops with his mum and hearing D-Mob’s ‘We Cal It Acieed’. He remembers buying bass heavy techno cuts such as ‘Tricky Disco’ and ‘L.F.O.’, which tied in with his love of Bass and Ragga. As a teenager, he was a DJ with a Ragga sound system called ‘Blackrose’. In 1992 this was West London’s top youth sound system. Jason was a ‘top selector’ who knew how to read any crowd and make them go wild. Jason would travel to record shops all over London to feed his vinyl habit. He was strongly supported back then by Robert Allen (R.I.P.) from Nasty Love Sound/Dub Vendor and Robert always made sure that Jason got home safe after a night of sound system raving. Jason’s personal highlight from this era is when MC D, who was a big influence, recorded Jason mixing a ragga track and a hip hop track together and then used the resulting recording as part of a performance in front of a crowd of thousands.


As a DJ, he has played on and off for 25 years, from the early days using vinyl as a Ragga DJ, moving on to House, taking in pirate radio, Ibiza and finally Russia in 2006. After this he took a break, bypassed the whole CDJ thing and has now broken that hiatus and is now a fully-fledged USB/Rekord Box DJ and has done some guest shows on www.onlyoldskoolvinyl.com, which went down well and has various mixes on Mixcloud.com.


Jason’s first foray into music production began back in the early 90s when UK Hip Hop artist MC D (aka Silent Eclipse) lent him a Yamaha midi keyboard and an Atari computer running Cubase. It took him a week to get a sound out of it but he was ultimately hooked from that day onwards. In the late 90s he completed a music technology course with The Midi Music Company and started to hone his own music production skills in the early noughties and in recent years has started gaining attention from other artists and labels and has provided vocals on some Sub Low pre-Grime tracks with BlackOps.


Being a family man and working full-time, Jason’s major challenge is finding spare time to write and produce his music however he never sits still for long and currently has 3 tracks on the go, all waiting for the right vocal and he’s not afraid of rising to the task himself! His workflow usually starts with making up drum patterns utilizing his Akai LPK25 keyboard and then coming back to them at a later date to make tracks out of them.


More up to date influences include Deep House, producers such as Clapton and Silverfox, MDW and Raul Soto, Icee 1, Wayne Brett, The Stoned and 4Peace.


In 2016 Jason is very grateful for being let loose on Smokin Joe Records and Anonymous Records and this has provided two personal career highlights in the releases ‘Warning’ and the bass heavy monster ‘Oi I’m A London Boy’.


He is now looking to continue with more quality releases and enjoy his DJ-ing revival in 2017. Watch this space!







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